International Metropolis Conference Abstract submission

June 24 to 28, 2019

The Promise of Migration

Inclusion, Economic Growth and Global Cooperation

Dr. Anna Visvizi

Ph.D., Head of Research, Research & Innovation Institute

Research & Innovation Institute and Deree College


Anna Visvizi, Ph.D., economist and political scientist, editor, research and political consultant with extensive experience in academia, think-tank and government sectors in Europe and the US. The author of several published works, Dr. Visvizi presented her work across Europe and the US, including Capitol Hill.  A practiced team-worker, researcher, analyst and lecturer, Dr. Visvizi’s expertise covers issues pertinent to the intersection of politics, economics and ICT. This translates in her research and advisory roles in the area of smart cities and villages intersecting with the politics and policy of migration. In her work, Dr. Visvizi places emphasis on understanding, communicating and addressing the challenges and opportunities related to the multi-scalar relation between migration and cities.