International Metropolis Conference Plenary speakers

June 24 to 28, 2019

The Promise of Migration

Inclusion, Economic Growth and Global Cooperation

Gioconda Herrera

Sociology and Gender Studies Professor

Flasco University


My research has revolved around questions about the effects of globalization on social inequalities in Latin America. For this I have analyzed the new migratory processes of the Andean region to Europe and the United States, especially of women and indigenous peoples, and also the migratory returns and circularities that have taken place as a result of the crisis of 2008. I am currently investigating on the post-deportation life of indigenous migrants in rural communities of Ecuador. I am also part of a comparative research team of eight countries on Venezuelan migration in Latin America. I currently coordinate the doctorate of Andean Studies of FLACSO Ecuador and since 2016 I am an associate editor of Latin American Research Review in the area of sociology.